January 30, 2020

Player Feuds

The Battle of Alberta lived up to it's billing last night, as the Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-3 in a shootout.

But all eyes were on Zach Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk as they looked to settle their differences. The two did fight in the first period and otherwise were well behaved.

This is good for hockey. Hockey needs villains, and both Kassian and Tkachuk fit the bill.

It has reminded me of several great rivalries in the past.  I'm thinking of Eric Lindros and Scott Stevens. Ulf Samuelsson and Cam Neely. Louis Sleigher and Jean Hamel. And of course, the not so great. I'm talking Todd Bertuzzi of course here. Maybe that's where I should include Claude Lemieux and Kris Draper too.

What is your all time favorite player vs player feud?

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Chazac said...

Dave "The Hammer" Schultz and Keith Magnuson of the Black Hawks. Neither player liked each other and both were looking for each other every game they played. After their playing days they became close friends. Same with Pat Quinn and Bobby Orr. After Quinn almost decapitated Orr in a game April 2nd, 1979 and touched off a feud that went on for years. Later in life they became friends.