December 26, 2019

World Juniors Bring Us All Together

I love to travel.

In 2019 we went to Italy and Greece, to the former Yugoslavia and the national parks of Utah and Arizona.

If I allow myself to reminisce about the possible origins of my love of travel, I keep coming back to the World Juniors.

As a kid I loved it when Team Canada traveled to Europe. It was a glimpse into life around the world. Finland. Russia. Czechoslovakia, as it was known then. I was always fascinated by the foreign, far off lands. The people, too. The hockey players and the fans, from such different cultures and, in the days of the Cold War, our enemies, were just like us.

That's the best part of international hockey. It proves it is a small world. The athletes, the fans, the host cities are all brought together by commonalities - most notably the love of hockey.

And that's what I have learned in my travels. You can go off to amazing, foreign lands, but you look for what binds us all together.

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