October 09, 2019

Ranking The Canucks Captains

Bo Horvat will be named as the 14th captain in the Vancouver Canucks 50 year history on Wednesday.

Now the Vancouver Canucks have not had a lot of great moments over the years, but they have had some great captains. Let's look at the top five:

5. Markus Naslund (2000-2008) - The first European captain in franchise history, Markus Naslund was a very quiet captain and even an under-appreciated star in franchise history. He captained the franchise from the very low days of the late 1990s to lead the team to become an exciting playoff contender for most of his tenure. Under his tutelage the Sedins emerged as the very capable successors. 

4. Orland Kurtenbach (1970-1974) - The original Canucks captain, Kurtenbach established the 
standards of heart and soul that all Canucks players, and especially captains, are expected to achieve.

3. Stan Smyl (1982-1990) - Stan Smyl took over the leadership of the franchise during the Cinderella Stanley Cup Finals run of 1982. Kevin McCarthy was the captain that spring, but injured and unable to play. Smyl's trademark effort and grit led the Canucks all the way to the Finals where they met the dynastic New York Islanders. Smyl would be given the C the next season and would lead the team through to 1990. He became the first player in franchise history to have his number retired in 1991.

2. Henrik Sedin (2010-2011) - Henrik Sedin took the lessons of Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden and captained the team with as much class as anyone. On the ice he led the greatest team in Canucks history while off the ice he dealt with more media and community demands than anyone before him. He did it all with a level of elegance not seen before.

1. Trevor Linden (1990-1997) - Linden was the obvious choice to take over the captaincy from Smyl in 1990, even though he was just 20 years old. He shared the captaincy with Doug Lidster and Dan Quinn that first year. From 1991 through 1997 Linden captained one of the best eras in Canucks history, highlighted by the 1994 Stanley Cup final appearance. Along the way Linden represented not just the organization with the desired attributes necessary to be a Canuck, but he came to represent the entire city and province with class and good citizenship. He will go down forever as a great hockey warrior and favorite son.

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