Women's Hockey Legends

Over the years I have tried to include a number of women's hockey legends here at Greatest Hockey Legends. After all, some of the greatest moments in hockey history over the last 20 or 30 years have come from the women's game.

Here is a list of the players currently available. I hope to add more in the coming months.

Meghan Agosta
Gillian Apps
Tessa Bonhomme
Jennifer Botterill
Cassie Campbell
Delaney Collins
Judy Diduck
Nancy Drolet
Danielle Goyette
Elizabeth Graham

Jayna Hefford
Abby Hoffman
Angela James
Becky Kellar
Gina Kingsbury
Albertine Lapensee
Carla MacLeod
Cherie Piper
Hilda Ranscombe
Manon Rheaume
Bobbie Rosenfeld
France St. Louis
Kim St. Pierre
Colleen Sostorics
Vicky Sunohara
Isobel Stanley
Sarah Vaillancourt
Catherine Ward

Karyn Bye-Dietz
Cammi Granato
Katie King
Karen Koch
Shelley Looney
Angela Ruggiero
Kathryn Waldo

Pia (Grengman) Sterner

Yoko Kondo
Tamae Satsu

Valentina Bettarini

Jessica Lutz