January 28, 2019

Women's Game Good For NHL

The NHL All Star game didn't miss Alex Ovechkin, who opted out of the weekend even though the fans voted him in. It had Kendall Coyne Schofield steal the show.

In a long overdue move, the NHL had Schofield participate in the annual skills competition, impressing everyone in the fastest skater event. Schofield was a last minute addition thanks to an injury to Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche.

Back when the All Star Game was truly a single 60 minute game I thought the league should have invited the top women's goaltenders to participate. No NHL goalie really wants the physical strain or the embarrassment of this shooting barrage. Save them, and show off what the ladies can do. Ban the slap shot if there is concern about NHL players shooting too hard.

There is a slowly growing demand the National Hockey League play a bigger role in women's hockey. Currently there are two leagues, both struggling, when there should only be one. Everybody agrees with that. Deep down even the powers that be between these two leagues know. 

The NHL is reluctant to get involved in the politics involved between the two leagues, and should be commended for doing just that. But hopefully there will come a day when there is only one league, and the NHL is supporting it fully. Maybe it's even the NHL's own women's league.

Having moments like Kendall Coyne Schofield stealing the spotlight at the NHL All Star game can only help the powers that be in the NHL realize the both the opportunity for growth and the importance of doing just that. 

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