October 07, 2018

Wayne Cashman's Phone Call

Following the 1970 Stanley Cup championship, the Boston Bruins players celebrated long and hard. As Don Cherry likes to say, the players had a few "pops." Hey, they are adults and they're allowed to have a few drinks, especially after you win the Stanley Cup.

Perhaps Wayne Cashman, the Bruins big power forward known for his work in the corners, had too much to drink. He decided to do some street corner work, too. With traffic crawling at a busy intersection, Cashman vacated the back seat of the car that he was in and decided to help out and direct traffic.

Well the state police were not impressed however, and took him down to the local detachment to dry up.

That part of the story is all verifiable. But the story either continues or has grown into what may be myth or legend.

Supposedly Cashman took advantage of his right to one phone call. He did not call a family member or a teammate or administrator to come down and help him out. Instead he is said to have ordered Chinese food for dinner!

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