July 03, 2018

Thoughts On Free Agency

Some thoughts on what has transpired so far in Free Agency:

  • Good for John Tavares. I was cheering for him to leave just like the audience cheered Jim Carrey's character to leave his own bizarre circumstances in the movie The Truman Show. This is ultimately the result of poor management over the years. The team has gone nowhere, except to Brooklyn and even that uncertainty remains. The dollars could be found anywhere. The opportunity, the stability and the respect was to be found anywhere but Long Island...err, Brooklyn.
  • Oh my Canucks. Overpaying for 4th liners. But I do like that they seem intent on defining roles and leaving roles open for the prospects where they hopefully will thrive. That is a positive.
  • What's up with Anthony Duclair? Lots of talent, but already been through three organizations by age 22. And all three of those organizations dumped him quickly. And we're not seeing teams jump on him quickly so far.
  • Austin Czarnik in Calgary could be the steal of the summer. If he's given the right chance, he has some decent upside in him I think.
  • Another good gamble, for somebody, might be Nick Shore. He needs to play with better linemates because he makes strong plays with the puck from the wing.
  • I wonder if Jason Garrison will get a chance to return to the NHL next season.

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