June 20, 2018

Brian Burke, Bobby Orr And More Exciting New Hockey Books Coming

I recently learned Brian Burke is working on a book. I was instantly excited as Burke as one of the most compelling, entertaining and polarizing men in the game. The book promises to be a hit.

I took a look on Amazon's listings to try and get a hint of when to expect the book, but no word so far. We are likely waiting for the fall of 2019.

As many of you know I'm something of a hockey book freak. I have something like 1400 of them somewhere. I've even read a few of them.

So while scrolling through Amazon's listings I found a few more exciting upcoming titles.

Kevin Shea is back with what promises to be a fantastic new title for the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is the Hall's 75th anniversary of existence, and the 25th anniversary of their relocation to the historic Bank of Montreal building in downtown Toronto. To celebrate, Shea looks at the history of the Hall itself, as well as its honoured members and some of famed memorabilia.

Every Washington Capitals fan will want this title, as their first Stanley Cup championship is chronicled from the pages of The Washington Post.

Similarly, fans of the Vegas Golden Knights can relive their historic inaugural season as seen through the eyes of the Las Vegas Sun.

Bobby Orr is back with another autobiography, of sorts. I always enjoy these photo essay styled books and it is certain to be a hit.

155 pages on a 2 minute penalty way back in 1979. Alright, it is perhaps the most famous penalty of all time, if only in that certainly changed Don Cherry's life forever.

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