May 09, 2018

Pucks On The 'Net

Some thoughts at this stage of the Stanley Cup playoffs

Vegas Golden Knights

- I keep expecting the Knights to bow out eventually, but here they are in the final four of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I always say "the clock strikes 12 on Cinderella eventually," but with this Vegas team I'm starting to think the rule is "the house always wins."
- I'm quite torn as to whether I should be cheering on the Knights or cheering against them. Their underdog and unlikely success is such a great story. But I've suffered for nearly 50 years through despair and heartbreak as a Canucks fan. It just isn't fair!
- George McPhee has to be named General Manager of the Year. He assembled a group of cast offs and in the expansion team's inaugural year has them in the final four and a serious threat to win it all. That being said, McPhee probably made the worst trade of the year when he dealt all those draft picks at the trade deadline for Tomas Tatar, a very overpaid healthy scratch of late. The franchise may regret that one day.

Winnipeg Jets

- Canada's team faces off against Nashville for game 7. That the Jets are on the verge of something really special here is undeniable. I selected Nashville to win this series partly because I believe the Jets year may be next year more than this year. Much like Nashville had to take that step last year. Game seven will be one last classic clash that quite possibly will usurp the Stanley Cup final. I will be happy to be wrong on this series and will be cheering on Winnipeg to win.


- I correctly picked Tampa Bay to win over Boston. All anyone is talking about Brad Marchand and his embarrassing antics. The guy can be a really good player, but he won't recover from the fall out from this silliness. He will always be known for what he is - a weasel - rather than for what he can be - a good player


- I picked Washington to win largely based on streaks. Pittsburgh had to lose eventually. Washington had to win eventually. I took my chances and picked Washington this time and it paid off. Good for Ovechkin. I hope he goes and gets his Stanley Cup at long last.
- I like Pittsburgh. I really like Sidney Crosby. A lot of people want to see someone new win the Stanley Cup, but I think there is nothing wrong with having great teams. Its good for the game to have great teams

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