March 27, 2018

Henrik Sedin's Neat Season

Henrik Sedin has quietly had a most interesting season.

You don't say that too often about a forward who has scored just 3 goals. But Henrik, one of the great playmakers of his generation, has 43 assists, too. Those 46 points make him the highest scoring forward in a season where he scored 5 or fewer goals.

Henrik still has six games to go. But he's only taken 59 shots all season, so it's kinda unlikely he will go on a goal scoring rampage to end the season. 

So lets assume he stays under six goals fairly safely. The other top players in this weird category are:

Joey Juneau (1994-95) 5-38-43 - Note that this was in 44 games played during a lockout year.

Paul Haynes (1938-39)  5-33-38 - Note that was a 48 game season.

Doug Jarvis (1975-76)  5-30-35

Niko Kapanen (2002-03)  5-29-34

So Juneau and Haynes seasons are truly remarkable. It is safe to assume they would have likely doubled their goal scoring output in an 82 game season though.

Henrik has done this odd scoring feat at the age of 37. Mike Cammalleri is 38 and has 5-22-27 totals this season, but no one is thinking he's having a good season.

Henrik, and his 20-goal scoring brother Daniel, are not the superstars they once were. But they have quietly had a nice season this year. They still have more hockey in them.

Henrik loves to pass, almost to a fault. But when you are a Art Ross winner, Hart trophy winner, Olympic gold medal winner and certain Hockey Hall of Famer, you do what you do best. 

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