February 21, 2018

Gold Medal Game! Canada vs USA

Wednesday night (11pm EST/8pm PST) sees the expected women's gold medal hockey game as Canada takes on the United States.

The two teams are pretty evenly matched. Canada enters the game with a perfect 4-0 record, with 16 goals scored and just 2 surrendered. America is 3-1, losing their only game to Canada. They have scored 14 times while giving up just 3.

As Canadian player Brianne Jenner states, this is what both teams live for.

“It is our Stanley Cup, it’s what we dream about since we were little girls. So we’re going to enjoy that experience when it comes, but once that puck’s dropped, you’ve trained so much that your body just knows what to do."

She knows both sides are the same. And there is very little choose from.

“I think you often want to say that it comes down to who wants it more. There’s no question that these two teams want it as bad as possible. So it’s going to come down to who executes, who’s able to perform in the moment, and who stays disciplined. And probably who wins the special-teams battle.”

The Americans won the inaugural gold medal in 1998, but Canada has won every Olympics since. That streak has the Americans fired up, such as long time star Hilary Knight.

“Sometimes the puck isn’t going to bounce your way, and obviously you need to get back up and keep chomping at it if you’re still hungry for it. I think the biggest thing is, I didn’t know how much I loved the game until that point in time. I mean, I obviously love ice hockey, but it wasn’t until months after that I realized how much I love it. And to really suffer that downfall on such a big stage, with all the energy and the eyes of the country are on you, is huge.

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