January 18, 2018

Unknown Canadians: Andrew Ebbett

Andrew Ebbett may be Canada's offensive leader at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Ebbett, the former University of Michigan captain and veteran of 224 NHL games with seven teams, has become one of the top professional players in all of Europe. He is a top scorer with SC Bern in the Swiss league. His linemate there is fellow Canadian Olympian Mason Raymond.

The two former Vancouver Canucks make for an effective dynamic duo for Team Canada.

The 35 year old Ebbett has been a big part of Canada's back-to-back Spengler Cup wins, and loves playing in Europe. He had an opportunity to return to the NHL with Buffalo, but enjoys the certainty of play with SC Bern.

"I got to the point where at age 32 I was living in a hotel in Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre for two seasons in a row," Ebbett said. "I had a couple of good games with Pittsburgh and still got sent down. I had had enough.

"The decision turned out good for me. I got a chance to play for Canada in the Spengler Cup, to wear the Canadian maple leaf for the first time in my career at 33."

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