December 17, 2017

Hockey's Greatest Moment

Through a fan vote the National Hockey League named their greatest moment in the league's 100 year history this past weekend.

In a bracket style vote of elimination, the fans chose Mario Lemieux's five goals, five different ways on New Year's Eve, 1988. Lemieux scored one goal at even strength, one while shorthanded, one on the power play, one on a penalty shot and even buried an empty netter to secure an 8-6 victory over the New Jersey Devils that night.

Lemieux's unmatchable night outdistanced Bobby Orr's "Superman goal" that won the Stanley Cup in 1970.

But I have to wonder if either would have made the top five if fans were allowed to include non-NHL moments such as the 1972 Summit Series, 1980 "Miracle on Ice," the 1987 Canada Cup finale or from a few candidates in the past few Olympics?

Probably not.

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