November 26, 2017

New York Rangers vs CSKA Moscow, December 28th 1975

Rangers impressed by Russians

New Yorkers had a first hand glimpse at the amazing Soviet hockey teams as they humiliated the NHL Rangers before a packed house at Madison Square Gardens.

The smooth-skating Russians awed 17,500 Garden fans with their blazing speed and pinpoint passing as they ran up a 7-1 lead on the seventh-ranked NHL team before calling it a night early. The Rangers scored a couple of late goals to make it 7-3.

Almost every Ranger had nothing but awestruck praise to heap on the Russians.
The Rangers' veteran Rod Gilbert may have said it best when he commented, "I thought we were high enough for the game. I also thought that most of us played our best. But it wasn't nearly good enough."
The Rangers made all the classic mistakes against the Russians, and were burned for it. John Davidson was sub-par in his goaltending performance while his teammates spent too much time uselessly trying to intimidate the Russians, only to find themselves in deep penalty trouble - for example Ron Greschner went to the penalty box three times in the first period alone. Attempting to beat the Russians is a tough enough task, but trying to do it with one less player much of the night is even tougher, and the Rangers learned that lesson on that night.

Sun. Dec. 28, 1975

1. NYR - Vickers (Esposito, Gilbert) O:21
2. Army - Aleksandrov (Petrov, Gusev) 4:04
3. Army - Vikulov (Shluktov, Aleksandrov) 5:19
4. Army - Kharlamov, (Vasilyev, Petrov) 19:42

Penalties: Jarrett 2:46; Greschner 7:20, 10:13, 18:16.

5. Army - Petrov (Kharlamov, Mikhailov) 1:26
6. Army - Vikulov (Shlutkov, Alesandrov) 14:21
7. Army - Mikhailov (Kharlamov. Gusev) 16:54

Penalties: Popov 7:34, Gusev 8:46, Johnstone 19:11

8. Army - Petrov (Mikhailov, Kharlamov) 3:16
9. NYR - Gilbert (Esposito) 15:31
10. NYR - Esposito (Vickers, Sacharuk) 17:47

Penalties: Vasilyev 0:38, Esposito 1:40, Fairbairn 8:04, 12:42.
Volchkov 16:04, Polis 19:38, Vadnais, (major) 19:38.

Tretiak (Army) 10 14 17 - 41
Davidson (NYR) 12 9 8 - 29

Attendance: 17,500.

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