April 14, 2017

Jarome Iginla Back To The Flames?

When the regular season ended for the Los Angeles Kings, many wondered if we had seen the last of
Jarome Iginla.

Maybe not.

The 39 year old veteran and future Hall of Famer has hinted he might continue you on for at least one more season.

"I'd like to keep playing," he surprised.

“I will be 40 in the summer and coming off of really my toughest year I’ve had in my career. Looking back it was a tough year but I’m also thankful looking back I haven’t had a lot of those tough years and I would like that chance to – and I really do think I can do better, but we’ll see where that’s at,” Iginla said philosophically. “Part of it is also understanding I’m not as prolific a goal scorer, point producer, whatever but I think I can still have a really good year and be effective for teams and compete hard and battle and stuff like that and try to do the strengths I do or have been able to do as a player.”

So Iginla is willing to see what is out there, and he is willing to play a lesser role. Is there any chance Iginla could return for one last season with the Calgary Flames, where he is arguably the greatest player in franchise history?

The idea was floated prior to this season's trade deadline. With Iginla's Colorado Avalanche buried in the standings, everyone including Iginla expected a trade. Iginla could control his destiny, and chose to go to LA even though at that point the Kings' playoff hopes were already slim.

Did the Flames make a move for Iginla then? Will they make an offer this summer?

It could be an awkward fit for the young and exciting Flames. They are built on speed and skill, while Iginla has lost a step. Iginla is a former 50 goal scorer struggled this season though he did find a bit of finish in LA. Perhaps if he were to play with a top young playmaker like Sean Monahan he could rebound to the 20 goal level? Or perhaps he could provide a leadership role from the bottom six while sliding up to a top line from time to time? Or would Iginla's stature in Calgary interfere with the good thing they got going?

Jarome Iginla has become a real vagabond late in his career, which is a little sad. He will always be a Calgary Flame in most of our eyes. It might be unlikely, but it would be nice to see him end his career with the franchise.

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