February 15, 2017

Lindros Auctions Off Memorabilia

I'm going to preface this article and come right out and say it: I like Eric Lindros. Actually he's one of my favorite players of the 1990s.

There, now I said it. Full disclosure.

I don't expect you to like Eric Lindros. It is not the easiest thing to do. He dug his own hole, taking unpopular stances about dictating where he was going to play. He's guarded, moody, abrupt and has no visibly likable personality, and he pissed off a lot of fans and a lot of hockey people along the way.

Before he ever stepped out on an NHL ice surface, Eric Lindros was heralded as the next great superstar. Even as a boy he could dominate NHLers physically, as he proved in the 1991 Canada Cup. Plus he had all the skills to be a great scorer - great shot, good passing, good skating, good stickhandling. He was unrealistically billed as the closest thing to a perfect hockey player since Gordie Howe. Expectations were out of this world.

Add to that the fact that he spurned much of Canada, especially French Canada, for his refusal to play for the Quebec Nordiques, and he had already turned many fans and media members against him. Then he goes to Philly, where he is immediately the target of a vicious circle of media and fans from arch rival cities like Washington, Pittsburgh, and especially New York. It seemed like the whole world was against this guy.

You can continue on reading my Eric Lindros biography, but the point of today's post is to mention that Eric Lindros is selling off a lot of the memorabilia from his personal collection at ClassicAuctions.net.

There is no shortage of NHL worn jerseys, equipment and sticks. There is even a knee brace, which if you are as big as Lindros could be a really good buy. Personally I'd rather have his 1991-92 Oshawa Generals jersey.

On the international side there is his 1992 Albertville Olympics game worn jersey, as well as jerseys from the 1992 World Juniors, 1993 World Championships and 1991 Spengler Cup

Be sure to check out the Babe Ruth and Toronto Blue Jays items, too. 

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