January 02, 2017

NHL Finally Leading Way In Online Hockey History

One of the best things the NHL's centennial season is the league is finally embracing it's amazing history with proper digital due. The new NHL Centennial website promises to be the leader in online hockey history by the time they are done, and that is greatly overdue.

They have hired some amazing people like Dave Stubbs, Stu Hackel, Wayne Coffey, Bob Verdi and John Kreiser, to name a few. The resources they are throwing at this project, and the content they are churning, out is impressive.

The video and audio presentations are top rate. The website architecture is cutting edge and fun. The money spent on photos must be enormous.

The key to any website success is always the content. Without great content, such an undertaking is hollow. The NHL has so far done a good job in providing excellent prose worthy of the moments and people that have made hockey's history so rich and deep and precious.

I know they will be focusing providing quality biographies of every single player in NHL history, which is something I have been trying to do for years now here at my little pipe-dream operation. I suspect the project is already underway and hopefully when it is unveiled it will be presented with the same commitment and quality that they have started out with so far.

Every player deserves his story to be told and preserved online. The top 100 is the easy task. Even the top 1000. It's the next 7000 or so that get hard.

Good on the NHL for taking this lead. Hopefully the project fulfills it's promise, for it will truly be a vault for all hockey fans to treasure.

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