November 01, 2016

Ted Lindsay Refused To Attend HHOF Induction

Did you know that Ted Lindsay - one of the greatest hockey players of all time - refused to attend his own induction ceremony into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

It's true. What's even more amazing is Lindsay's reasoning.

Lindsay, who of course stood up to the NHL's powerful owners in an attempt to form a player's union to improve player's salaries and rights, was fighting for a much different principle in 1966: women's rights.

Women were not allowed to attend the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies - not even the players wives. Lindsay took great exception to this, saying - and rightfully so - that his wife and family were a big part of his success and they deserved to be there that night.

By the way, Lindsay's absence did generate change. The very next year women were allowed to attend the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.


Unknown said...

What is the difference between the very next year and the next year?

Anonymous said...

The implied emphasis.