October 03, 2016

One Night Only by Sportsnet's Ken Reid

I recently got a copy of Ken Reid's new book One Night Only: Conversations with the NHL's One-Game Wonders.

What a fantastic read. This will not surprise anyone who read Reid's bestselling Hockey Card Stories from last season. This book follows a similar format, but features players who only played a single NHL game in their history.

One game - which in many cases meant playing just one or two shifts - can somehow turn into many great stories. Reid is able to get these players to share these stories and then shares them with the reader. With his conversational writing style, it's almost like you are sitting across the bar table and listening to the great stories first hand.

Somehow I could not put the book down, which is amazing considering even I hadn't heard of many of these players. Brock Tredway? Minnie Menard? Moses Mrazek?

The book ends with a chapter dedicated to the one one-gamer that we have all heard of - Don Cherry. His stories of his one night on the ice at the Montreal Forum alone are worth checking this book out.

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