October 13, 2016

Former NHLer Sasha Lakovic Diagnosed With Inoperable Brain Cancer

From Global News:

Former NHL player Sasha “Pitbull” Lakovic is now fighting the biggest battle of his life – terminal brain cancer.

Lakovic, who played for the Calgary Flames in 1996-97 and the New Jersey Devils from 1997-99, says he has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and given only months to live.

Now residing in East Vancouver, 45-year-old Lakovic has a young daughter and family he’s not willing to leave behind without a fight.

“One day at a time… take every day like it is a blessing, then that’s it. It’s gone,” Lakovic said.

Here is the full story.

Lakovic had previously been in the news for other brain illnesses caused by concussions sustained as a hockey enforcer.

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