July 28, 2016

Jack Ingoldsby

During World War II Jack Ingoldsby was a junior aged scoring sensation in Toronto. That made it hard for the Toronto Maple Leafs not to notice the tall, imposing center. And with NHL rosters suffering from players enlisting in the military, they were quick to sign him.

"Ding" Ingoldsby would get into 29 NHL games - all with the Leafs - over two seasons in 1943 and 1944. Then he, too, ended up the Canadian army. He would be stationed at home in Toronto, at least.

Ingoldsby never returned to pro hockey. Upon his return from War commitments he wound up to be a notable senior league player first in Toronto and then for years in Owen Sound. He led the Owen Sound Mercurys to the Allan Cup as Canada's amateur champions in 1951.

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