May 03, 2016

Rolly Huard

Rolly Huard was a long time senior hockey player and semi-pro hockey player in southern Ontario/northern New York state area when he got his one and only shot at the NHL.

On December 13, 1930 Huard was loaned to the Toronto Maple Leafs by the Buffalo Bisons of the Can-Pro league as an emergency injury replacement. The Leafs were not totally sure what to expect from the five foot ten, 170 pound center. They had hoped he could come in and take a regular shift but otherwise didn't expect much from Huard, who was to be returned to the Bisons immediately following the game. Huard proved to be a valuable addition as he scored a goal that night. But it was not enough as Toronto lost to Boston 7-3.

Huard returned to Buffalo as promised and continued to play semi-pro hockey before turning to coaching some 5 years later. For the longest time Huard was known as the only NHLer to score a goal in his only NHL game. That feat was equaled almost 60 years later when Dean Morton scored in his first NHL and only NHL game, and by Brad Fast in 2000.

Rolly Huard passed away while on a fishing trip in 1979. He was 77 years old.

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