May 05, 2016

Brian Lundberg

This University of Michigan graduate only played in one NHL game, and that was almost a fluke in itself.

Lundberg was a mid season call up of the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 1982-83 season due to injuries. Lundberg wasn't the Pens first choice, but the farm team in Baltimore (AHL) was also decimated by injuries.

"There were a few guys that were ahead of me on depth chart. Under perfect circumstances, they would have gotten the call to go up to Pittsburgh. But we had some injuries and I got the call."

If that wasn't lucky enough for Lundberg, the fact that he was able to play once he arrived in Pittsburgh certainly was. His equipment didn't arrive until 10 minutes before the pre-game warmups!

Lundberg, a defenseman, recalls having a decent chance to score in his only game.'

"As a defenseman you're not looking to score much. But I moved in and yelled for the puck like anyone else would. I got it and I had a good chance from the slot. I think I missed the net or didn't get off a very good shot."

Another interesting memory from that game had Toronto's Borje Salming approaching him after a whistle to ask him if he was from Sweden.

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