April 26, 2016

Robert Kron

Robert Kron was a fun player to watch because of his fantastic skating ability.

Kron could explode through traffic with his breakaway speed. Not only was he fast but he understood how to use different gears at the different times to be unpredictable to defenders. What made Kron even more entertaining was the fact that he could handle the puck at that top speed and he had great hands in close.

Unfortunately he was labelled early in his career as a poor finisher. He was also also small and not particularly aggressive at all physically. Had he played a more gritty style he could have been more effective of a player, or so the criticism went.

Kron did a nice job of ending that criticism. Originally a Vancouver Canuck, Kron had the misfortune of trying to play at the same time as the arrival of Pavel Bure. Canucks fans were treated to amazing displays of speed and offense from Bure on seemingly every shift. Kron was similarly fast, but obviously nowhere near as prolific of a scorer. Fans were left wanting more.

The Canucks traded Kron to the Hartford Whalers in exchange for Murray Craven in 1993. It was a welcome change for Kron, who went on to a long career with the Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes, twice topping the 20 goal mark. He found a nice role on the team as a depth forward who could pop in some timely goals and kill some penalties.

Kron also played with the Columbus Blue Jackets late in his career. In total he enjoyed an impressive career of 771 NHL games. He scored 144 goals and 338 points.

Kron returned the Hurricanes and became an European scout.

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