April 06, 2016

Clare Raglan

There have only been three players in NHL history who have gone by the first name of Clare, which is short for Clarence.

Interestingly, two the Clares played defense together on two different teams. They were even traded together in a block buster trade.

Clare Martin had been an established NHL depth defensemen with a strong Detroit team by the time Clare Raglan joined the Wings in the 1950-51, replacing Marcel Pronovost temporarily. Having two Clares on one blue line necessitated that the rookie Raglan be forever dubbed by his nickname "Rags," which was a reference to the American comic Rags Raglan.

The two would play together again the next season, but with Chicago. On August 20th, 1951 the hapless Black Hawks orchestrated a trade for no fewer than six Detroit extra players for the exorbitant sum - at least at that time - of $75,000. The Hawks received George Gee, Jimmy Peters, Sr., Max McNab and Jim McFadden, plus the two Clares.

None of those players lasted too long in Chicago, and the Hawks continued to flounder. Martin finished the season with the New York Rangers before disappearing from pro hockey altogether. Raglan would play parts of the next two seasons, 35 games and 32 games respectively.  He too disappeared, though he continued to bounce around the minor leagues for several seasons.

Clare settled in Peterborough, Ontario after his career finally wound down. He was a proud father, seeing his son Herb make it to the NHL in the 1980s.

By the way, Clare Drouillard was the NHL's other Clare. He briefly played in the 1930s.

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