March 27, 2016

Highlight Streaks

In March of 1988 Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins set one of hockey's most impressive - and unique - NHL records.

Spanning multiple games, Lemieux scored or assisted on eleven consecutive Penguins' goals. That set a record of the most points on consecutive goals by any player with one team.

I found that pretty amazing. Then I learned from trivia guru Liam Maguire that Lemieux's record has since been bettered!

In 1999-2000 Lemieux's old running mate Jaromir Jagr scored or assisted on fifteen consecutive Penguins goals spread over seven games!

What's even more amazing is the Penguins went 0-5-2 during that streak!

Here are some more NHL streaks that may never be broken:

1. Glenn Hall's 502 consecutive games played by a goaltender, 1955-1962. And he did it all without a mask.

2. New York Islanders' 19 consecutive playoff series victories, 1980-1984.

3. Punch Broadbent's 16 consecutive games with at least one goal, 1921-22. Charlie Simmer (13 straight in 1979-80) and Mario Lemieux (12 straight in 1992-93) are the only modern players to come close.

4. Winnipeg Jets 30 game winless streak, 1980. 0-27-3 back when ties were still around.

5. Calgary Flames 264 games scoring at least one goal and not being shutout, 1981-1985.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Nice article. Jagr 15 consecutive streak was from October 16 to November 4, 1999.

3. There is another modern player who came close with 12 straight (Dave Lumley in 1981-82)

4. It's 0-23-7 back when ties were still around (October 19 to December 20, 1980).