March 27, 2016

Highlight Streaks

In March of 1988 Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins set one of hockey's most impressive - and unique - NHL records.

Spanning multiple games, Lemieux scored or assisted on eleven consecutive Penguins' goals. That set a record of the most points on consecutive goals by any player with one team.

I found that pretty amazing. Then I learned from trivia guru Liam Maguire that Lemieux's record has since been bettered!

In 1999-2000 Lemieux's old running mate Jaromir Jagr scored or assisted on fifteen consecutive Penguins goals spread over seven games!

What's even more amazing is the Penguins went 0-5-2 during that streak!

Here are some more NHL streaks that may never be broken:

1. Glenn Hall's 502 consecutive games played by a goaltender, 1955-1962. And he did it all without a mask.

2. New York Islanders' 19 consecutive playoff series victories, 1980-1984.

3. Punch Broadbent's 16 consecutive games with at least one goal, 1921-22. Charlie Simmer (13 straight in 1979-80) and Mario Lemieux (12 straight in 1992-93) are the only modern players to come close.

4. Winnipeg Jets 30 game winless streak, 1980. 0-27-3 back when ties were still around.

5. Calgary Flames 264 games scoring at least one goal and not being shutout, 1981-1985.

1 comment:

Daniel D said...

Nice article. Jagr 15 consecutive streak was from October 16 to November 4, 1999.

3. There is another modern player who came close with 12 straight (Dave Lumley in 1981-82)

4. It's 0-23-7 back when ties were still around (October 19 to December 20, 1980).