March 25, 2016

Alex Delvecchio Played In Gordie Howe's Shadow

Happy 85th birthday to Alex Delvecchio!

Everybody considers Gordie Howe one of the greatest players ever partly because of his longevity. That being said, Alex Delvecchio also deserves mention among the game's legends.

Alex played 24 NHL seasons, only missing a ridiculously miniscule total of 43 games due to injury. Unlike Howe, Delvecchio spent his entire career with the same team - the Detroit Red Wings. Delvecchio was as consistent a player as you'll find.

Many words describe Alex Delvecchio. Consistent. Durable. Gentleman. Winner. Leader. Loyal. If forced to choose just one word to sum up his legacy, it would have to be legend.

Here's the full Alex Delvecchio biography.

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