February 26, 2016

Old Time Hockey Offer For GHL's Canadian Readers

If you are a hockey history fan - and likely you are since you are at The Hockey History Blog - you probably know about clothing manufacturer Old Time Hockey.

They make fantastic retro, alumni, and classic hockey hoodies, shirts, hats etc. They have also branched out to include NFL merchandise and are actually now known as Old Time Sports. I am sure you have seen their products in stores or advertised in hockey magazines or online.

I have teamed up with Old Time Hockey to offer a special 25% discount code for GreatestHockeyLegends.com's Canadian readers. I do apologize to my many non-Canadian readers, it's just that they currently are shipping only to Canadian addresses.

Be sure to check out Old Time Sports' excellent line of products and take advantage of this special 25% discount before it expires!

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