February 29, 2016

Fred Robertson

Fred Robertson was a tough as nails defender who was added to the Toronto Maple Leafs roster late in their 1931-32 championship season.

A city junior and senior star, Robertson was well noted for his aggressive player and high penalty minute totals. Robertson was actually born in England but moved to Toronto when he was three. His father served as Scotland's international soccer representative in Canada for many years.

But it was on the ice where his son excelled. The younger Robertson would get into eight games with the Leafs in the regular season. He then got into all seven post-season games and helped the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Robertson was the fifth defenseman in an era when teams used four almost exclusively, with a spare to spot players due to fatigue, penalties or injuries. Robertson's zero penalty minute totals suggest he played very little.

Robertson spent the 1932-33 season leading the entire IHL in penalty minutes while playing in Syracuse. He returned to the NHL in 1933-34, finishing the season with Detroit after a couple of more games with Toronto. Robertson played 24 times with the Wings, and even scored a goal.

That was the end of Robertson's NHL days, but he played on for many years in the American Hockey League, most notably with the Cleveland Barons, and retired in 1946.

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