February 06, 2016

Bob Lemieux

There is not much chance you would get Mario Lemieux and Bob Lemieux mixed up.

Mario, of course, is considered by many to be the greatest hockey player to ever lace up skates. He could score at will despite some serious injuries and illnesses.

Bob was a stay at home defenseman who played a total of 19 NHL games, all way back in 1967-68 with a long defunct team known as the Oakland Seals.

Bob Lemieux was a tough defenseman, making frequent visits to the penalty box. He rarely scored. He only picked up a single assists in his 19 games in the NHL.

He was a decent prospect at one time. Originally a Montreal Canadiens prospect from the dates pre-dating the NHL draft, he was selected by Oakland in the 1967 NHL expansion draft. Two seasons prior Lemieux - in his rookie professional season - was named as the top defenseman in the entire International Hockey League.

After his stint in Oakland he spent three seasons playing with the Vancouver Canucks, who at that time were a minor league team in the old Western Hockey League.

Lemieux retired in 1970, the same year the Canucks became a NHL franchise. Bob had left the ice and became a coach and manager in the minor leagues.

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