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January 10, 2016

Women's Hockey Has Come Long Ways

In the early 1960s, Scott Young, then still en route to becoming a legendary sports columnist, wrote a column in The Globe And Mail completely disrespecting women's hockey.

If anyone would care to see me in a wide variety of attitudes of sheer horror, trick me into attending a girl's ice hockey game.

I wouldn't go willingly, any more than I would go willingly to watch lions eat Christians. In fact, wild horses couldn't drag me. The last time wild horses tried to drag me to a girls' hockey game I dragged them in the opposite direction with such violence that their braced forelegs became badly worn down, and they had to give up wild-horsing and take jobs as kangaroos.

Women's hockey has sure come a long way. Overcoming the male-dominated sporting society was among the biggest obstacles.

Women's hockey is now one of the most anticipated events in the Olympics.

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