January 24, 2016

Pucks on the 'Net: The Wayne Gretzky Collectors Handbook

The Great One turns 55 this week.

Yes, Wayne Gretzky celebrates his birthday on January 26th. He's looking a little older than these days than back when he was 18 like in this photo:

For all you Gretzky fans there is a new book out there called The Wayne Gretzky Collectors handbook. Got an old card? How about an autographed jersey? Maybe the infamous Barbie doll? Now is your chance to find out what it is worth these days.

Here's more from the publisher:

Up North Productions / hockeyMedia have published The Wayne Gretzky Collector’s Handbook, a new guide detailing the best of what to buy of hockey’s greatest player – from his authentic autograph to his Jofa helmet.

The Wayne Gretzky Collector’s Handbook features a comprehensive checklist of vintage and modern hockey cards and collectibles, a checklist to vintage books and publications, as well as an auction results guide for game-worn and game-used memorabilia. In many ways, this book updates work produced in The Wayne Gretzky Checklist and Price Guide, published in two editions in 1998 and 1999 before Wayne Gretzky’s retirement as an NHL player.

For game-worn and game-used memorabilia, the handbook features more than 200 results from auctions we have tracked in over 15 years since Gretzky’s retirement.

The Wayne Gretzky Collector’s Handbook lists more than 7,500 different Gretzky collectibles. Incredibly, that’s more than a 50% growth since the last edition of The Wayne Gretzky Checklist and Price Guide.

The hockey card checklist has been separated into different sections: any and all signatures in the “Autographs” section (pages 40-53); unsigned cards in the “Vintage Gretzky” (pages 62-64) and “Modern Gretzky” (pages 84-125) sections; and unsigned memorabilia cards in the “A Piece of Gretzky” section (pages 70-83).

The Wayne Gretzky Collector’s Handbook is available through online sellers. The print edition measures 6″ x 9″ and features 142 black and white pages. Editions sold through the Global Retail Network feature a white Oilers jersey on the cover; editions sold through Blurb feature a blue Oilers jersey on the cover. The cover price is just $18.51 before tax and shipping.

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