January 25, 2016

Glen Hanlon on Bobby Orr

Glen Hanlon is back in Vancouver this week, and the Vancouver Sun recently caught up with him for a little question and answer session about his playing days, his international coaching days and his future plans.

I especially enjoyed his comment about playing against Bobby Orr:

Q: Your career was beginning just as the Holy Trinity of Hockey — Orr, Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe — was winding down. What was it like to face Orr?

A: My favourite team growing up was Chicago (Hanlon is from Brandon, Manitoba.) and Tony Esposito was my favourite goalie. Orr wasn’t skating too well at that point (bad knees). He got into an argument with the referee. But I couldn’t stop myself from skating over to see him. He glared at me, like, ‘What are you doing here?’ But I just had to do it. It was Bobby Orr. I think he went on to play a couple more games before retiring. That’s the only association I’ve had with him.

Here is the full Hanlon interview.

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