December 04, 2015

Patrick Fischer

Decorated Swiss hockey star Patrick Fischer has recently been named head coach of Switzerland's men's national team.

The 40 year old had a notable career in Switzerland’s National League A, most notably with EV Zug but also with HC Davos and HC Lugano. In 16 seasons in Switzerland he scored 221 goals, and 524 points.

Fischer skated in 27 games at the age of 31 with the Phoenix Coyotes in the 2006-07 season, scoring four goals and ten points.

Five seasons earlier he was invited to Los Angeles Kings' training camp but a knee injury derailed any hopes of making the NHL at a younger age.

"The NHL is definitely less of a puck carrying game," said Fischer at the time. "You have to make quicker decisions and do a little bit more fore-checking and going after loose pucks. I like that and I look forward to it."

"My strengths are more on the offensive side. I've been playing wing or center all my life, but I also know that defense wins (games). I've had some good success over the last couple years and I hope to do that here. I am really proud to be here, and I'll give everything I have to make this team."

Internationally he represent Switzerland at the 2002 and 2006 Olympics and four world championships.

“As a boy it had always been a dream to play for the national team. I stopped as a player, became a coach and now I’m again with the national team to make another dream come true. It’s a great day for me,” Fischer said.

Fischer replaces former NHLer Glen Hanlon, a Canadian. Other Canadian, notably Ralph Kreuger and Sean Simpson, have been behind the the bench in recent years.

“It was about time to rely on Swiss coaches and to have a clear vision from the men’s national team to the juniors. We will work hard to justify the confidence we got. I’m a proud Swiss, I know the mentality and I can bring players forward.”

Fischer, who has been coaching in Lugano since 2009, was an assistant under Simpson in 2013 when the Swiss won the silver medal at the World Championships.

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