December 09, 2015

Eddie Emberg

As of 2015 there have been 25 players in National Hockey League history who played their only NHL games in the playoffs. That's right - they somehow were good enough to play in the Stanley Cup post-season but never in the NHL regular season.

Most of these players were one or two game emergency fill-ins, with Don Cherry being the most famous.

Four players - Mike Corbett, Sid McNabney, Dave Stalvian and Butch Stahan - registered single assists in their stints.

But only one player - Eddie Emberg - managed to score a goal.

Emberg was called upon by the Montreal Canadiens to help out during the 1945 Stanley Cup playoffs. Emberg was a junior and amateur star in Montreal, at the time playing senior hockey in Montreal while serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Canada's efforts during World War II.

Emberg's goal came in a 10-3 white washing of Toronto. Despite Emberg's contribution that night, Montreal lost in the first round to the Leafs

Emberg never did return to the pro ranks after his stint with the Habs, though he attend Toronto's training camp in 1948. He would go on to be a senior star in Quebec City and Ottawa.

Eddie Emberg passed away in 2007 at the age of 85.

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Unknown said...

I have a framed team photo from 1939-40 of the Verdun Junior Bulldogs team. A friend's father was the goalie. They won the Mount Royal Championship with Eddie and later lost in the Quebec Junior Playoffs. The winner Verdun Bulldogs (senior)beat Quebec and played in the Memorial Cup. Not selling just info here.