November 22, 2015

Lorne "Lefty" Anderson

On the night of March 23rd, 1952 Chicago's sniper Bill Mosienko scored the most famous hat trick in hockey history. Three goals in just 21 seconds - a record that seems destined to stand forever.

All three goals came against New York Rangers 20 year old goaltender Lorne Anderson. It was just the third NHL game in the goalie's career. It would also be his last. Anderson blew a four goal lead and the Rangers lost to Chicago, 7-6.

At least it proved to be a game he would never forget. Now in Anderson's defense it did not help that the defenseman Mosienko beat defenseman Hy Buller all three times was playing with a cracked ankle.

The Rangers had given Anderson the final three starts of the year. It was a long year for the Rangers as they finished 5th out of 6 teams. Regular goalie Chuck Rayner was lost mid-season to a knee injury. Emile Francis took over but to no avail.

Anderson was a solid prospect, explaining the late season look. It did not go well before he became Mr. Mosienko's foil. He allowed 18 goals in three games. He won the first game beating Boston 6-4, but allowed seven goals in each of the final two games - losing to Detroit and Chicago.

Anderson was a junior star in Northern Ontario, playing in Renfrew. After his short NHL tenure he returned for a lengthy amateur career in Pembroke, Renfrew, North Bay and Sudbury. He backstopped the Sudbury Wolves to the Allan Cup championship in 1953.

Anderson passed away in 1984 after suffering a heart attack.

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