October 03, 2015

Herb Foster

Quick - name the best hockey player ever to play in Atlantic City.

Yes, Atlantic City once had a hockey team - the Seagulls! They played in a little remembered league called the Eastern Amateur Hockey League from 1933 through 1953. The league was also known as the Eastern Hockey League.

And Herb Foster, a 5'10" and 170lb left winger from Brockville, Ontario was highest flying bird. He is the all time leading scorer in Seagulls history - by far - with 261 points in 234 games. He led the EHL in goal scoring four consecutive years, including seasons of 43 goals in 48 games and 52 goals in 52 games. He also led the entire league in scoring three consecutive seasons, topping out with 75 points. He was the EHL's all time leading scorer until he was surpassed by Don Hall in 1957.

Foster finally caught the attention of NHL scouts and signed with the New York Rangers organization in 1940. He would play in six NHL games, scoring one goal, thanks to an injury to Alex Shibicky.

Otherwise Foster was relegated to the American Hockey League. But he could never duplicate the same scoring numbers away from Atlantic City.

Foster later returned to Atlantic City to briefly play and then coach. He made headlines when they signed Art Dorrington, believed to be the first black player to play in the minor leagues in the United States.

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