September 23, 2015

Walt Farrant

Walt "Whitey" Farrant is another member of the National Hockey League's unofficial "one game wonder" club.

Farrant was a junior and senior star in his native Toronto before turning professional in the 1935-36 season. He would play six seasons in the minor leagues, with his best days coming with the Minneapolis Millers of the American Hockey Association.

Farrant would return to Toronto in 1941 and reestablish himself a scoring star in the city's senior circuit through to 1946. In 152 games he scored an impressive 174 goals and 305 points!

Farrant's lone NHL game came in January 1944. The Chicago Black Hawks limped into Toronto for a match against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Unable to ice a full line up for the game due to injuries, the Hawks sought local help to fill in. They chose Farrant and his amateur teammate George Grigor. Neither player registered on the scoresheet, but they were gifted $100 each for their troubles. Grigor actually played a second game with the Hawks.

Farrant continued to play in the Toronto City League through to 1946

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