September 04, 2015

Rolly Roulston

His name was Orville Roulston, but everyone knew him only as Rolly (sometimes recorded as Rollie).

Roulston had good size (six-foot-one and nearly 200 pounds) for the 1930s. He was not an aggressive player by nature, despite his size. The Toronto born left winger-turned-defenseman

Roulston had a vagabond minor league career, though he would settle in Pennsylvania mostly after several seasons, playing either with the Pittsburgh Hornets or the Hershey Bears at various points in his career. He finished his career in 1942 with a season in Philadelphia with the Rockets.

The Detroit Red Wings had signed him back in 1933, and in March of 1936 he played his first NHL game.

The following season was bittersweet for Roulston, as he missed a lot of games with an injury. That is too bad because it was Roulston's only real season as a NHL regular. He played 21 games on the blue line, picking up five assists.

The Detroit Red Wings would go on to win the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1937, but Roulston was unable to play. The NHL agreed to include the injured Roulston's name on the Stanley Cup.

Roulston returned for only two more NHL games after that season. All told he played 24 NHL games in his career, assisting on six goals while scoring none.

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