September 06, 2015

Jack "Jerry" Coughlin

Jack Coughlin proved it is possible to be a well travelled NHL player in just three seasons.

Coughlin was another original NHLer. In 1916 he was playing with the Toronto Blueshirts in the National Hockey Association. When the NHA folded and re-opened shop as the NHL in 1917, Coughlin played in the inaugural NHL season with the Toronto Arenas, scoring twice in five games.

Coughlin split the 1918-19 season with the Quebec Bulldogs and Montreal Canadiens. In 1919-20 he resurfaced with the Hamilton Tigers for two games, before disappearing from the hockey world.

It seems Coughlin's legacy in hockey was convincing the Toronto Arenas that Jack Adams was a good player to sign. Adams, of course, went on to become a Hockey Hall of Famer.

The last trace of Coughlin's hockey days was in 1921 when he applied for reinstatement as an amateur player. For unknown reasons, the Ontario Hockey Association denied the application.

Coughlin ended up working with General Electric until his retirement in 1960. He passed away in 1969 at the age of 77.

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