September 24, 2015

George Grigor

George Grigor stood just five-foot-seven and weighed just 150 pounds. His teammates appropriately called him "Shorty" but do not think this hockey shrimp ever backed down from anybody.

Grigor was certainly no stranger to the penalty box, often leading or near the top of the penalty minute heap. He played as if he was twice as big as he actually was, and it inspired his teammates and the crowd.

Grigor was not a great scorer, not at the senior level or anywhere else. But that did not deter the Chicago Black Hawks from attempting to sign the center.

The Hawks first borrowed Grigor for a couple of games when they were visiting Toronto. Due to injuries, the Hawks secured the services of Grigor and fellow amateur star Walt Farrant, both of whom were starring in the city's local senior scene. Farrant played once, while Grigor twice, scoring an unassisted goal even.

The Hawks were particularly impressed with Grigor, and wanted to sign him. However it was not so easy. Grigor had a good job in Toronto, working a very secure job with a military plant that provided materials for Canada's efforts in World War II.  Chicago did not offer, in Grigor's estimation, enough money to convince him to leave a sure thing.

Grigor's short NHL experience was his only games as a professional. He was given $100 as a thank you for his services.

City league records show Grigor continuing to play through to 1950.  He passed away on October 7th, 1950.

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