May 15, 2015

Doug Risebrough

I never got a good close up look at Doug Risebrough as a hockey player until his later days with the Calgary Flames. Though I missed much of his role with 4 Stanley Cup championships as a Montreal Canadien, the beauty of Doug Risebrough is he always played the same, day in, day out, pre-season or game 7.

Doug Risebrough played with tons of heart and determination, and with a hatred for losing which no doubt was nurtured during his days with the Habs. In Montreal he learned how to win and how not to accept anything less, something he was always able to take with him and make him a better leader.

A leader he was. He captained the Flames to their first Stanley Cup appearance in 1986, only to fall just short to his old Montreal Canadiens teammates. Risebrough was an essential cog in the Flames rise from also rans to contenders in his 4 seasons there.

Full Doug Risebrough biography

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