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May 19, 2015

Did 1940s Montreal Canadiens Take Powder?

I do not even know what "taking powder" refers to, especially back in 1945 when the following newspaper clip was written.

It is a fun read by Vern DeGeer in the Globe and Mail in February 1945. It shows the heated hockey rivalry between Montreal and Quebec City, many years before Quebec had a NHL team.

DeGeer clearly has taken the side of the Quebec Aces in the popular debate back then as to who was better? The Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens, powered by "Reckless Richard," or the Allan Cup champion Quebec Aces. (The Allan Cup is the national championship for senior amateur hockey in Canada. It was particularly prestigious back then still).

It seems Montreal's refusal to meet Quebec in an exhibition match has infuriated the lashing tongue of Mr. DeGeer.

Click on newspaper clip to enlarge and enjoy.


Dan said...

lol there isn't a detroit player that packs a good shot

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joe the term 'take a powder' was a phrase from old detective novels where someone chose to run away rather than stand and fight...how it began I cant say...

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