April 10, 2015

Catching Up With The Past: Remembering Elmer Lach and Dollard St. Laurent

I have been away racing/vacationing in New Orleans for the last week. Time to catch up with the past.

First and foremost, the Montreal Canadiens and the hockey world in general lost two former stars in Elmer Lach, 97, and Dollard St. Laurent, 85.

In other news:
  • Charges of negligence causing death against popular former NHLer Stan Jonathan have been dropped. Jonathan accidentally and fatally shot another man in a hunting accident.
  • Former NHLer Dan Lacouture explains why he's part of a concussion law suit against the National Hockey League. "“From what I know and learned in the past few years, they’ve known for a decade or two as far as what the long term effects could be for concussions. Coming into 1997, it was made to seem to us as players from coaches and management that a head injury was like a shoulder or knee injury at the time. Obviously that is not the case today."
  • Teemu Selanne is caddying at the Masters. As the article suggests, it is quite the change in day-job for the retired Selanne. "In his retirement, he has been enjoying his life, spending time in mid march hanging out with tennis star, Roger Federer and now he is caddying at the masters for finnish golfer, Mikko Ilonen."
  • Ray Bourque gave one Boston Bruins fan a day he will never forget. Junior Patey is a huge Bruins fan, but a car accident 20 years ago left him fully paralyzed and unable to speak.
  • NHL referee Paul Devorski has retired.
  • ESPN recently interviewed retired tough guy George Parros. "I don't think fighting is going anywhere."
  • Library and Archives Canada has it's eyes on Jean Beliveau's personal effects. "Since his retirement from professional hockey in 1971, (Library and Archives) has contacted Mr. Beliveau to express our interest in acquiring and preserving his personal archives," says a January briefing note to the deputy head librarian and archivist of Canada.
  • Darius Kasparaitis has a new job as a real estate developer in Miami.

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