March 05, 2015

Randy Pierce

When the Toronto Blue Jays entered Major League Baseball in 1976, a young Randy Pierce was probably a bit torn. Did he want to play for the Leafs or the Blue Jays?

Randy Pierce was a heck of a junior baseball player in the 1970s, but it was still almost unheard of to have a Canadian in the MLB. So Pierce stuck with is skates and pucks, starred with the OHL's Sudbury Wolves and was drafted 47th overall by the Colorado Rockies in 1970s. No, not baseball's Colorado Rockies either. The now defunct hockey team.

Pierce would bounce around between the NHL and minor leagues a lot in his career. But he would total 277 games, scoring 62 goals, 76 assists and 138 points. He played with the Rockies, moved to New Jersey when the whole team moved and became the Devils, and also the Hartford Whalers.

Interestingly, Pierce may have gotten the most unusual delay of game penalty in NHL history. While playing with the Rockies in 1979 he celebrated a goal by picking up the puck, kissing it and throwing it into the stands!

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