March 16, 2015

Hamburglar Joins Tiny, Dolly and Mr. Zero in Hockey History

The whole hockey world is celebrating Andrew Hammond, the Ottawa Senators surprise goaltender.

At the beginning of the season pretty much no one had ever heard of the 27 year old, career minor league goalie. Now he is universally known by the McDonald's inspired nickname that adorns his mask - The Hamburglar.

Despite never being drafted and struggling through his minor league season Binghamton (AHL), Hammond found himself in the NHL thanks to injuries to Ottawa's top two NHL goalies, Craig Anderson and Robin Lehner. Hammond got the crease, and, against all odds, has been on an incredible streak since.

Hammond has led the Senators back into the playoff race with an 10-0-1 record. He has yet to surrender more than 2 goals in a game - the first goalie to do start his career with such stats since 1938.

The Hamburglar now finds himself ranking with other great-nicknamed goalies of hockey history like "Tiny" Thompson, "Dolly" Dolson and Frank "Mr. Zero" Brimsek. With one more game where he surrenders 2 or less goals Hammond will equal Brimsek's all time record.

Will the Hamburglar disappear into hockey history as a great story? Or is this just the beginning of great things to come?

One thing is for sure - everyone is cheering on Andrew Hammond these days.

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