March 16, 2015

Duke Dutkowski

He was born as Wladislaw Laudas Jozef Dutkowski, though he was also known as L.S. and later he dropped the "T' from his last name. But most in hockey circles knew him simply as Duke Dutkowski.

Dutkowski grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. Most sources will tell you he was born there, too. But it seems he was actually born in Europe, and moved to the Canadian prairies at the age of 3. Details are sketchy, but it seems likely he was born in Romania, despite his Polish background. He probably kept it secret to help with his border crossings into the United States for hockey games.

Dutkowski was a high scoring and aggressive defenseman in Regina, starring with the WCHL Capitals. The team moved to Portland before becoming the NHL's expansion Chicago Black Hawks in 1926, though was not a regular NHL defenseman until 1929. He later played in New York for both the Americans and the Rangers.

Duke Dutkowksi retired in the Vancouver area, operating a hotel. He died in 1976 at the age of 76.

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Unknown said...

Cool! That's my great great uncle!