February 18, 2015

WHA Blu-Ray DVD Set Released

I have never been a big fan of the World Hockey Association. But I am a big fan of passion. And you will find few hockey fans more passionate than Timothy Gassen.

Gassen is a film maker out of Tucson, Arizona. When he isn't make films about music, he's dedicating his time to hockey. Specifically the World Hockey Association.

Gassen has previously released The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame: A Photographic History of the Rebel League, 1972-1979 , Red, White & Blues: A Personal History of Indianapolis Racers Hockey 1974-1979, Gretzky, Indy & The WHA, WHA Hall of Fame: Remembering The WHA , and contributed to Winnipeg Jets: The WHA Years Day By Day. He also founded The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame.

2015 sees him release a Blu-Ray only DVD called Best of the World Hockey Association Hall of Fame [Blu-ray]. Here's some cover images:

If you are a WHA fan, you definitely need to check this out. Here is the trailer:

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