February 15, 2015

Vancouver Needs To Do Better Job Commemorating 2010 Olympics

It's hard to believe that has been five years since this happened

And with that Canadian home-ice gold concluded the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Maybe it's because I'm in British Columbia but it still seems like it was only a week ago. In fact the 2014 Sochi Olympics seem further away.

But if you were to walk around downtown Vancouver today, you might be surprised at the lack of commemoration of Canada's golden games. There is Jack Poole Plaza where the dreary Olympic Cauldron rests. And apparently there is a bronze statue of the Greek Goddess Nike downtown. It was a gift from the mayor of Athens. And in Whistler there is a nice tribute to fallen luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili.

Which begs the question - has Vancouver done enough to forever commemorate the 2010 Olympics?

My suggestion would be a series of statues that could draw people to them.

What Canadian would not venture down to Rogers Arena - or Canada Hockey House as it was known during the Games - to get their photo taken with a Sidney Crosby statue?

Perhaps even more popular would be a statue in the heart of Whistler of Jon Montgomery with his pitcher of beer.

How about something to remember Joannie Rochette's heart-wrenching bronze medal performance? Or Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederic?

The Vancouver Olympics touched Canadians to the core. Let's not be afraid to celebrate it.

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