January 08, 2015

Serge Lemoyne et la Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

This is "Ken Dryden" by the late Quebecois artist Serge Lemoyne.

I will not pretend to be an art critic, but Educart.ca offers some nice insight to this double-canvased piece:

The directness and immediacy of the painting’s creation is apparent in the loose brushstrokes and painterly drips—the drips simultaneously referring to the abstract expressionist technique and to the player’s sweat. Lemoyne even depicted the goalie in action, as evidenced by his posture. With his abstract use of colour, shapes and planes, he has masterfully orchestrated a figurative rendition of a popular media celebrity.

Another famous piece of his is Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

This piece is now owned by the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival. Here's more from their website:

His “PĂ©riode bleu-blanc-rouge” (Blue-White-Red Period)—undoubtedly one of the artist’s best-known and the source of Bleu Blanc Rouge, the piece acquired by the Festival in 2013—offers a powerfully indicative example of Lemoyne’s drive to forge a relationship between art and the people. Serge Lemoyne was a major hockey fan, and in that era—the 1970s—committed himself to painting exclusively in the colours of the Montreal Canadiens. As the artist said: “I brought intellectuals to the Forum and brought hockey fans to art!”

Interesting stuff.

Here's another, of Jean Beliveau:

And one of Guy Lafleur, being checked out by Guy Lafleur himself:

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